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New Workout Studio OHM Fitness Opens in Park Ridge

by Juliana Fondacaro
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In Bergen County, there are plenty of workout spots: yoga, CrossFit, and good ol’ fashioned running. Lucky for workout fanatics in New Jersey, the newest workout and fitness studio has arrived — OHM Fitness, located at 201 Kinderkamack Road in Park Ridge, New Jersey. Read on for everything to know about Park Ridge’s newest workout spot.

ohm fitness workout studio park ridge new jersey

About OHM Fitness Studio

OHM Fitness Studio has an immersive, high-tech fitness experience. From 3D body scanning and wearable technology to the studio’s synchronized music and multi-color lighting sequences paired with the workout pace, the OHM Fitness regimen stands out in the fitness industry. OHM Fitness’ groundbreaking wireless Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) EMPower Suit condenses the advantages of an intense two-and-a-half-hour workout into a mere 25-minute, low-impact session. Thus, members can gain results 3X faster than at a traditional gym. Members will also find three changing rooms with red light panels at the studio.

ohm fitness workout studio park ridge new jersey interior

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Situated in the Ridgemont Shopping Center, adjacent to Lidl, the Park Ridge establishment spans an impressive 2,500 square feet. Leading up to the official grand opening on March 7th, classes are open to the public and visitors will get first-hand experience of OHM Fitness. During this preview, the fitness studio’s team will provide insights into its operational methodology, health benefits, and time-saving features. Attendees can try the Styku body scan and partake in invigorating OHM Fitness classes, wearing the EMPower suit.

ohm fitness workout studio park ridge new jersey fitness

There are three different class types for members:

  • Strong Vibrations: Strong Vibrations is OHM’s strength-focused class that targets the whole body with varied movements in every class. This class provides the stimulus of resistance training and compound exercises that promote lean muscle growth + fat-burning. You can expect to feel the results of a challenging high-intensity session in 25 minutes without the high impact, stress, and cortisol spike. The impulses in this class target fast-twitch muscle fibers.
  • Sculpt + Sweat: Sculpt + Sweat is a 25-minute class that moves at a moderate to high tempo with a low-impact focus. This class is designed to promote optimal movement patterns, core strength, and mobility while getting the heart pumping. The impulses in this class help to promote muscle-sculpting cardio with a higher ratio of slow-twitch muscle fibers.
  • Stretch + Flow: Stretch + Flow is a hybrid vinyasa yoga-style class with various intro yoga, mobility, varied movements, balance poses, and grounding work. The impulses in this class are like working out while getting a gentle massage that creates more mind-muscle connection and activation. Don’t be intimidated if you are new to yoga. This is your gateway to mobility and relaxation. Expect to feel like you hit the reset button.

Husband and wife team John and Janet Mok of Mayne are the owners of the facility.

ohm fitness workout studio park ridge new jersey classes

“Once we tried OHM Fitness for ourselves, we instantly knew it would stand out from the rest,” Janet told The Bergen County Girl. “It offers a unique value proposition within the fitness industry. The wireless EMS technology allows us to provide both gentle, joint-friendly movements for individuals with musculoskeletal concerns as well as intense, comprehensive workouts for those seeking a deeper physical challenge. Once you slip on the EMPower suit and try a class, you get what all the hype is about!”

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“We believe this next generation of fitness will attract the diverse population of northern New Jersey, appealing to health-conscious residents, time-pressed individuals/parents, the tech-minded, and those previously concerned or hesitant to engage in traditional gym-based exercise.,” John said. “We are eagerly anticipating the opening of our new facilities!”

BG also spoke to OHM’s Studio Manager, Marisa Verna, who shared, “OHM Fitness is revolutionizing the fitness industry. The OHM workout is LIIT (low-impact interval training), making it safe and effective for all ages and people in varying physical conditions. Our team is excited to bring this new experience to Bergen County!”

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