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Dear Petite: A Must-Visit Korean-Owned Boutique in Edgewater

by Jennifer Tripucka
Wonder Lofts
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Edgewater may not be known for an abundance of boutique shopping, but if you find yourself in the Promenade Shops, there is a store that you must visit. Meet Dear Petite, a Korean-owned and inspired women’s boutique that houses chic and timeless essentials — all sourced from Korea. Originally started as a pop-up in its location at 27 Promenade off River Road, this gem is one of our go-to spots. Here’s more about this Korean-owned boutique in Edgewater, Dear Petite.

Shopping at Dear Petite

It’s truly one-size-fits-all at Dear Petite, as there is legitimately only one size and one piece of clothing for each style. Although there are no sizes, the store is definitely geared toward petite figures even with its baggier options — so something to note for those considering a trip.

Writer’s note: I’m a medium in most clothing, 5’5’’ — and find things every time I go! But that being said, there is definitely a lack of diversity of sizing.

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Sweatshirts, vests, and other handpicked styles by Dear Petite’s owner Linda who is originally from Korea are the forefront of the shop. There are shoes, purses, tops, and bottoms, with everything coordinated and arranged by color and a minimalistic vibe. While the store does have that “if you can count the items, it’s probably expensive” vibe in its aesthetic, most pieces are in the $100-$200 range.

In the pants department, it’s all for petites, and there are one to two pieces max per item in general. There’s a try-on room so it’s easy to make sure things fit, though the store does have a seven-day return policy.

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Linda sources all of the store’s lines from Korea, making each piece a unique staple in a wardrobe not found at many boutiques in the area — while being, as the store’s tagline goes, ‘timeless essentials.’ Most items are neutral tones. It’s a true little gem in the Promenade Shops of Edgewater, housed right near GAP and across and down the block from Ulta if you’re making a beauty run.

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